Books Open


"Dear clients,

So many stars in the universe and you are one. So is each piece in my mind. We can really accomplish deep prayerful, mindful action if we choose through truth. Truth to see each other as beautiful. I’m an author, a poet and a channel rhythm maker who paints and sees beyond the veil. I draw enterprise and channel poetry through imagery as tattoos. I wanted to be an illustrator, so my designs have themes for the most part. 

I held my balance when I learned my skill over a decade ago in Nanaimo. The sea always calls the soul home. I travelled around throughout Canada and had the blessing of working alongside many talented tattoo artists, finding myself nestled again coastally. Reach to the stars for your piece, and let’s channel it through imagery." - Alana

Alana's books are open. 

Please connect through email and check out her website for available designs