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This is a special cause close to Katia's heart as she is directly involved with the efforts to aid this community.

"My friends Jill and Chris left Canada in 2017 to seek out a life of full time travel. Since then, they have Lived in Central America and the Caribbean, Northern Africa, Turkey and now Central Africa. They are currently residing in Uganda. Along their travels they discovered a love for painting murals. They started doing this for free for hotel/hostel owners, in exchange for accommodation and sometimes food. (

They love feeling like they are gifting their talents in this way and truly feel that leaving their art scattered around the world, and beautifying often run down establishments, is their way of giving back to the places that they visit. Recently, after painting at a gift shop/ reception for a hotel/campground in Uganda for a month, their host told them that the nearby village was starving. Read more about her experience. 

Faced with almost no tourism, and complete devastation of their crops due to drought caused by climate change, the entire village of 250 homes, had a very bleak outlook. Jill immediately put out an impassioned video on Facebook, urging her friends and followers to send money so that they could feed them. Less than 24 hours later, she had raised $3000, much more than enough to purchase their staples of dried beans, cassava (yucca) flour, and corn flour for a whole week (to view the first food delivery video: After now raising almost $12000, they have fed them 5 times over five weeks, have had fresh and clean drinking water trucked in on a weekly basis, and have had the village doctor treat many life threatening sicknesses like malaria and typhoid. They have also begun an educational component where they are educating them on soil building, growing food and building gardens. Plus they hired a nearby bee expert to train a group on how to raise bees, since they already had bee boxes, but no training. Their hope is to continue feeding the villagers until they can get a good compost built and a community garden growing. Of course, this will take a few more months at least. The villagers say that this gift that has been given to the them, by complete strangers, has really boosted their moral.

This gesture has given a whole village hope for the future. They are excited to learn and look forward to learning more sustainable skills moving forward. They really did hit rock bottom and are eager to find new ways to sustain themselves moving forward. Jill and Chris are great friends of mine and I have supported them and this project since the beginning. They are honest and sincere, and truly do want to help people and make a difference in the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn about an amazing journey of helping. Any support is always appreciated, even just for awareness."

<3 Katia Somerville, Owner, Tattoo Artist 



If you feel inclined to contribute to their efforts, you can check out the project through their GoFundMe campaign at Jill also posts daily updates on her personal Facebook profile at If you are Canadian and would like to avoid fees and send money directly, please e-transfer to Thank you! Together we are stronger!