Tattooing in Nelson, BC at Lumen Essence Tattoo.
Books open to projects that align with his style. 


Being a student of life, Ashley draws creative inspiration from the symmetry expressed in nature; weaving these patterns into his tattoos and artwork. Ashley started his tattoo journey in Thailand, using the ancient Thai hand tap technique Sak Yant, prior to adopting modern tattoo machines into his practice years later. Ashley embodies a passion for intentional tattooing, and views the tattoo process as an opportunity to connect and deepen our experience with ourselves. Ashley is currently taking requests for larger blackwork / dotwork, geometric / ornamental, animal totem, and nature inspired designs.

Ashley's books are open in Nelson, BC to new projects that align with his style. Also, if you have a previous piece with him you would like to work on, email him directly. 
Please understand that he only responds to requests that are within his style of tattooing. He is currently focusing on larger projects in black work, ornamental, floral, and geometric styles.
Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response. He receives many requests for tattoos, and does his best to respond in a timely fashion. 
You can email him directly at