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Faye Basravi apprenticed under Katia Somerville at Rainfire Tattoo and has been tattooing since March 2017. Her design style has been influenced by those of her shop-mates, and so has her overall approach to tattooing. Her background in support work directly informs the experience she aims to provide for each client. She believes in meeting each person where they are in their stories, and truly values her time with each client.

As an Indian/Pakistani Muslim woman who is also a tattoo artist, she is immensely curious about people and their tattoo dreams, and holds no assumptions or judgment about the who, what, why, or where of tattoo culture! Her ultimate goal is to provide a safe space for the tattoo experience.

She feels privileged to have the chance to explore her roots through sacred geometry/Islamic art and mehndi motifs. She also loves botanical, landscape, and other nature-themed designs. Every now and then she loves doing a bold traditional style tattoo as well. While she’s primarily working in black right now, she does like to dabble in colour!

She also spent a year shadowing Michelle Warawa and learned a lot from her phenomenal work in realism.
If you’re not sure if your idea is a style she enjoys doing, just ask ! :)

Faye's books will open Saturday, April 17th. To be added to her waitlist follow the link below. 


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