Apprentice, Guest Artist


Kit is an intuitive tattoo apprentice studying this ancient craft under Ashley Apok at both Lumen Essence Tattoo in Nelson, BC and Rainfire Tattoo in Vancouver, BC. She has designed her own ritual using symbolism and spiritual practices to create unique meaningful pieces of art. She would describe her current style as an illustrative etching style. 

The Power of Manifestation Through Tattooing

For me, manifesting is to knowingly believe and dream into a novel future. It is a practice of thinking, saying, writing, and taking action towards energies you are calling into your life. It is not about getting everything you want, it is simply the faith that the desires your heart is seeking are signposts to your growth.

If you have ever experienced the magic of manifestation you know how important it is to write things down, to bring symbols around you that have the spirit of that energy and to simply believe.

My custom tattoos have a similar process. Rather than approaching me with a composition, I would love to dive into areas of your life that you are seeking healing. Through symbolism and traditional practices such as astrology, tarot, herbalism and ruins we will develop a healing sigil. You are etching intention into your skin, into your very being.

How to Commission a Tattoo from Kit:
1. Email
2. Intuitive Consolation 

3. Schedule an appointment

4. Trust the process

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