Apprentice, Books Open


Kylie Faelan is currently apprenticing under Katia Somerville at Rainfire Tattoo. She is originally from Connecticut, New England and has immigrated to Canada only a few years ago.

She is deeply grateful to put down roots in the lower mainland and considers it home. While she’s always been interested in the arts, Kylie is deeply inspired by the way tattoos can be such an integral part of the human experience; she looks forward to the ideas, intention, symbolism, memories and concepts that come as a part of the tattoo design process. She aims to create custom pieces that best fit the vision of each client and is excited to continue learning throughout her apprenticeship.  

Kylie started drawing at a young age and went on to obtain her Bachelors of Arts in Illustration. She hopes to utilize her background as an illustrator to create tattoos that best depict her client’s stories and personal journeys. Kylie is primarily interested in blackwork tattooing and enjoys designing pieces that feature typographic, nature-themed and geometric elements. She draws artistic inspiration from patterns and ornamentation found in nature and is especially partial to inquiries that feature North American flora and fauna. 

Kylie’s Books are Open, she normally books Friday to Mondays.