Artist, Books Closed


Paul has been tattooing since 2009, and moved to Vancouver in the winter of 2020. He comes to Rainfire Tattoo after having spent 11 years at World of Tattoos, in his hometown of London, England. 

He began tattooing with a heavy influence from a traditional style but now particularly specializes in ornamental dot-work pieces. He frequently likes to include floral, nature, geometry and repeating pattern themes in his designs.  He is also looking to incorporate more abstract influences into future projects. Paul holds an open mind to client project suggestions and feels it is important to always maintain an honest flow of feedback with clients in order to give them the best possible tattoo. 

Paul’s books are closed! You can be added to his waitlist for the July-October Bookings by filling out the Tattoo Request Form. Please note, he will respond to waitlist requests in mid-June. 


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